Thursday, November 12, 2009

Man ... I Miss Blogging

So ... I have not updated my blogs (enough) in a long time and that is because I am over here writing away.

I started writing again this past January. I have always written in one form or another for years, but went back to seriously writing (novels) in January and ... since then I have written 6 novels.

I know ... who writes 6 novels in 11 months?

I'll tell you why I've done such a thing ...

When I started writing in January, I had a character that I became hugely attracted to and she was determined to have me tell her story (Laney Draker). So ... I wrote the first book of her story in about 6 weeks. When I finished with the book I decided to just go ahead and continue her story, as it came so easily and she was determined not to let me be until I finished. So ... 4 books later (a total of 4 books in the series), I finished Laney's story.

It was kind of silly to write those 4 books when I hadn't even solicited agents to sell the first book. So, I stopped and began to solicit agents on the first book in the series. I didn't put a huge amount of effort in that first round of queries. It was because I honestly knew that the first book was in need of some serious edits and since I had already gone on to a new project that I felt equally confident in, I put Laney's story aside. That story is still put aside for the time being. I have a lot of confidence in Laney's story, but know that I need to invest a lot of time on revisions to make that first manuscript the best it can be and I have not set aside the time as of yet to do those edits.

So ...

I went on to my next story (and 5th book) in June. It is a totally different sort of concept than Laney's story and I got more than a little sucked into the character (Aramis) and his story and so I spent several months writing and completing that book (the first in a series, but I did not make the mistake of writing anymore in that series until I find an agent for the first book) and have been searching for an agent since September (not any luck yet). I have total confidence in this book and will continue to solicit agents until I find one.

Then ...

After I completed Aramis' story, I began another book. It is, yet again, a totally different sort of premise and the story came really quick and I, once again, fell in love with the characters (Campbell and Tristen). I completed this novel just a few weeks ago and have since been querying agents on this novel as well.

The querying process is tedious, but I am taking it seriously and spending several hours each day writing query letters to agents in an attempt to find the perfect agent for each of my books. I will go back to Laney's story soon and edit it to the point that I feel it is ready to sell, but for now ... I have started yet another book.

I am 10K words into my new story and feel the premise, plot and characters are coming together and am very excited. The characters in this new novel are Tommie and Rayn (Tommie is the girl). All of my books are YA fiction and teen romance stories. This one is set in Germany on a military base (why? you ask. Because I lived in Germany my freshman through junior year; I was an Army brat and I felt the location and many of the memories I have from that time could offer an interesting setting and details to a YA story) and so far I am loving the direction the plot is going and am becoming very attached to the characters.

So ...

That's where I am and what I have been doing. I have spent very little time blogging in the past year (and miss it like crazy), but I just have not had the time to write and blog. I know it sounds crazy to imagine me over here writing one book after another - it is CRAZY. But, these stories are just coming out of me and I am compelled to keep writing one after the other until I have reached the point where I realize that I will never write a book worth selling or I sell all of them. I can not just sit around waiting while I search for an agent for one book when there is another inside of me begging to be written, so that's why I continue to write one book after the other. Plus, I totally believe that the more books I have out there, the better my chances are for finding an agent for at least one of these stories and then hopefully the others will be picked up at some point along the way.

Today, I am sitting on my deck (gotta love Texas in November - it's like 85 degrees and beautiful), drinking coffee and writing (and editing; the editing process on my completed novels is never quite done). I have a great life and have totally loved spending this last year doing the thing I love most - writing. So, I will go now, back to writing and sending out queries.

I hope all of my blogging friends are doing well. I miss all of you and think about you often. One day I hope to get back to blogging more regularly so I can visit everyone and catch up on your lives.