Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Just Don't Want Breast Milk In ... ANYTHING I EAT!

So ... there is the story out there about how "PETA wants their breast milk ice cream and they want you to have some too. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) sent a letter to Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream requesting that they replace the cow's milk they use to make their famous ice cream with breast milk."


I am all for the ethical treatment of all animals and I am sure that PETA means well and that this is maybe even a realistic and rational, not to mention humane, suggestion, to encouraging the ethical treatment of cows, but ...


I personally do not want breast milk in anything I eat! I have a hard enough time drinking cow's milk ... and I happen to like cow's milk. But, sometimes ... if I get to thinking about the fact that it is cow's milk, I can work myself up into a bit of an ick induced frenzy - if I think about it too much - you know. Meat too, for that matter. I can't think about it too much or I get a little squeamish.

I could never eat ice cream with breast milk - ever! I'm sure that some folks could and wouldn't give it a second thought - not me! I even have a hard time believing that such a thing would ever be considered.

Now ... soy - I could handle. That is a reasonable solution, if you ask me!

What about you?

Are you for this idea?

Would it bother you to know that it was breast milk in your ice cream instead of cow's milk?

Leave me your opinion on this issue in the comments - I'd love to know if you are with me or are On The Flipside on this icky topic!

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Poll results: Would you eat store bought ice cream made with human breast milk? 16 people participated in poll. (0) said YES. (0) said NO. 16 (100%) said Not On Your Life and (0) answered to If it was my only choice.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Boobs ... Ugh!

On The Flipside Guest Blogger: Dani from Give Me A Second To Think About It

My good friend, Dani, published this post on her blog and has agreed to repost it here On The Flipside in order to possibly encourage some of my readers to offer guidance. Please offer Dani your advise in the comments and also don't forget to go over and meet Dani and say hello. Thanks, Dani.

Boobs ...Ugh!

i never had them (to speak of), and i never wanted any more than what i didn't already have!!! so, you can only imagine my horror when i turned 35 and they started growing...


not only did they grow...


they didn't exactly grow to the same length:/

well, maybe they did intend to grow congruently.. it's just that a couple of years prior, i had to have my left, top rib removed because it was impeding my circulation. my ob/gyn informed me that the surgery is what has caused my incongruency.

so, i decided to have a "boob job". i checked around to find the very best doctor. my ob/gyn referred me. i sat up my appointment...

and, then...

at 2:30 am (6 hours before my appointment)...



at 2:30 am... i called the plastic surgeon's office

(knowing i would get his answering service)...

(knowing i wouldn't be asked to reschedule)...

and told the woman that i needed to cancel my appointment. (whew-wee!!! she obliged!!!)

so, now...

i'm back to my original dilemma.

i don't like that i have boobs i never wanted.

i don't like that they hang... LONG!!!

and i HATE that one hangs about 3/4" longer than the other:S

what should i do???

what would you do???

love and blessings, lopsided dani Xx

Originally posted by dani at Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mommy Wars

On The Flipside Guest Blogger: Megrynsmom from Look It's Megryn's Mom.

Megrynsmom wrote this post on September 1, 2008 and I asked her to repost it here On The Flipside because it is a great topic. Read this post and then offer your opinion/answer in the comments. And ... don't forget to go over and visit Megrynsmom's site - she has a great blog and beautiful family. Thanks so much Megrynsmom!

Mommy Wars

Appropriately, it all begins on Labor Day. The great debate of whether to be a SAHM or to continue working outside the home.

There are no right or wrong answers here. Sacrifices are made on both sides of the fence and neither of the two choices should make a mom feel superior or inferior.

My mom was a working mom long before I was born. She worked out of necessity while raising two young boys on her own. When she married my dad and had me, she could have easily become a SAHM, however she continued working nights to contribute financially towards the well being of our family.

I have worked since I was 14 years old. I married, worked, had a baby, took a six month leave, returned to work. I worked part time, had another baby, worked part time again. Divorced, worked full time, back to part time, full time yet again. I started working at home out of necessity. When Big Mouse started college, I also took on a part time job to help with tuition and I loved it. Until I got fired. But that cloud had a silver lining as I was able to collect six months of unemployment and take a look at the bigger picture.

A lot happened in that six months, the biggest and bestest being the birth of TOF. Six weeks later, Augie Dawg returned to work, out of necessity. She has entrusted me with what I consider to be my greatest blessing, the day to day care of TOF. I'm working at home again and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Mothering is hard work. No one can make this decision for you. It comes down to doing what is best for your family and I applaud you for your choice.

So tell me how you feel.

Are you a SAHM or do you work outside the home?

What were some of the factors that lead to your decision?

Posted by Megryansmom at 9/1/08 8:20 AM

Please leave a comment/answer and please go over to my sidebar and participate in the poll on this topic.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look How Beautiful I Am!

Look! Look! Look!.

Look at my beautiful new site!

Once again, Lindsay, over at Designs By Splat, did a fabulous job designing and creating the perfect look for On The Flipside! I just love it and would highly recommend that anyone thinking about redesigning their site definitely go over and talk with Lindsay - she is THE BEST and simply a pleasure to work with!
Thanks so much Lindsay - I just love it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Would You Do If ...?

On Wednesdays, I throw out a question that asks, "What Would You Do If ...?" and I would love to hear - what you would

I will not give my answer to the What Would You Do If - Wednesday question until late in the day - after everyone has had the opportunity to offer their ideas first.


What would you do if ...

Your child informed you that a student in their class was constantly cheating and you knew this child and this child's parents.

Would you ignore the situation and instruct your child to also ignore the situation?

Would you confront the child and suggest to the child that he tell his parents?

Would you go and tell the teacher?

Would you contact the parents and inform them that you have heard that their child is cheating in class?

What would you do?

Please offer your answer in the comments and please go over to my sidebar and participate in the poll on this topic.

This is what I would do:

This has never happened to me, but my kids have mentioned many times about kids cheating in their classes - it happens quite often.

If I knew the parents and the child - it would make it awkward. I would not confront my friend or the child - initially. I would suggest to my child that they approach the friend. I would recommend to my child that they should discourage their friend from this behavior and say that if it does not stop that then something will be said to the teacher or the child's parent. If the behavior did not stop - I would go to my friend.

Poll results: If a friend's child shared a class with your child and your child told you that the other child had been cheating in class - what would you do? 11 votes. 3 (27%) said they would ignore situation. 1 (9%) said they would confront the cheating child. 5 (45%) said they would tell the teacher. 2 (18%) said they would contact the child's parents.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Teen Drinking, Sex, Curfews and Partying. (What we do ...)

On The Flipside Guest Blogger: Carol from Northwest Ladybug

Carol wrote this post last year and agreed to repost it here On The Flipside. This post asks several serious questions about teen issues and Carol offers the answers she came up with to the specific situations. Please read this post and offer your opinion/answer in the comments. Thanks, Carol!


Teen Drinking, Sex, Curfews and Partying (What we do ...)

A few days ago, I posted 10 hypothetical questions to my faithful readers, asking what you would do in particular situations with teens regarding tough issues, like drinking, sex, parties and curfews. I was waaaay impressed with some of the thoughtful answers I received. Thanks!

Northwest Ladybug's adult kids share a toast -- with their parents' permission -- before Thanksgiving dinner, 2007.

("very occasionally, on holidays spent at home with the family, we're fine with a celebratory beer or glass of wine")

As promised, here is what we did. As I often tell my kids, I have no idea whether we're doing this parenting thing correctly, or even well at all. But I have to believe that the fact that our kids are honest with us, choose to spend time with us, and care what we think is a good indicator. My biggest hope is that they make it to 25 without any major incidents -- which is why we basically only have Two Big Rules. But, as you can tell, there are a whole lot more than two situations that need our attention and our attempts at good parenting... whatever THAT is!

1.) Your boy/girl twin 17 1/2 year olds ask if they can have a few friends over for hot-tubbing, movie watching and a marshmallow roast at your fire pit. "And drinking?" you ask. "Any plans for drinking?" They know that you know that teens (even those who probably aced their SATs that morning) drink. They know that you don't like it. "Likely," they answer. But it's not a drinking party. It's a get together with maybe some drinking." We can either get together here or at someone else's house. You, the parents, are home. How do you answer your kids' question?

We allowed a total of about 10 friends -- although my guess is that at one point there were more like 15 or 20. The group spent a good deal of time around the bonfire outside. We didn't "check on them," except to monitor the noise level out of consideration of our neighbors. We gave permission for friends to spend the night as long as their parents were aware of where they were. I asked that all indications of any get-together (trash, food, etc.) be cleaned up by morning, and it was.

2.) Your 19-year-old son has been going out with someone for over a year. You adore her. He loves her. You know they're having sex, but you haven't had any in-depth conversations with him/them about it. One morning, when you're up early, you see them at the door. She's quietly leaving. Do you say something? What do you say? To whom?

This whole situation just felt silly at that point and that morning I just told them that I was making breakfast and to stick around and join me -- which they did. From then on, they neither snuck nor flaunted. Her family lives just a few blocks from us, her parents are our friends, and all six of us have discussed the issue and agreed that it's "no big deal" if they're sleeping together, as they are obviously committed and in love and being smart regarding birth control. Because she bought a queen-size bed, though, they're hardly ever here anymore! They're now 20, have been together for over three years, both go to school full-time and work close to full-time and the last thing they need is to "have to" get an apartment that they can't afford in order to be together. This way, they can concentrate on school and know that they have a roof -- no, two -- over their heads and parents who put more emphasis on their long-term goals and schooling than on whether or not they're sleeping together. It just felt like the most honest way to go about it.

3.) Your 22-year-old invites her younger siblings, all over 17 but under 21, to a "formal cocktail party" at her house. How do you handle the situation?

We allowed them to go, asked our oldest daughter to "keep an eye on them," and insisted that they spend the night.

4.) Your 17-year-old daughter is a peer health educator with Planned Parenthood. (Teens go to local schools' health classes and educate their peers about many teen health issues, including but in no way limited to, sexuality issues.) In her once-a-week meetings at PP, she has access to condoms and can take as many as she wants. Her Mormon girlfriend, who has been having sex for over a year already, asks her for condoms, which she willingly provides. YOU get a call from the girl's irate mother, an acquaintance of yours, who found a condom in her daughter's car and demanded to know where it came from. How do you handle the call?

I did what most of you suggested: reminded the mom that her daughter was already choosing to have sex and that my daughter was simply contributing to her safety by providing a condom. The mom never spoke to me again; the girls are still dear friends. E's friend is now married, with a baby.

5.) Your 16-year-old daughter confides to you that she and her boyfriend of almost a year have decided to have sex. She asks you not to tell her father. How do you respond?

I told her that I've never had a secret from her dad and didn't want to start now so I suggested that SHE tell him. She did. It was a disaster -- and it took their relationship years to recover from it and negatively affected our marriage (since I believe that my daughter had the more mature approach and attitude about it all). It was a huge mistake to go about it that way and I should have agreed to keep the secret until she was ready to tell him herself. I still regret the way I handled this.

6.) Your 16-year-old's curfew is midnight. She has never missed it. She calls at 10:00 PM, asking if she can spend the night at her girlfriend's house. How do you respond? What if she calls from a guy's house and says that "a bunch of people are spending the night... his parents are home." How do you respond in that case? What if parents aren't home? (How do you know?)

This one is tough. And I deal with it differently now that they're almost 18 than I did a year or two ago. I do ask my kids to call early in the evening -- preferably before 10:00 -- if they're want to request to spend the night somewhere. This tells me that they're planning ahead and "pacing" any drinking, not guzzling and then dealing with things later. (I believe that teens need to "learn to drink" and unfortunately we don't set things up to allow that. Instead, they tend to quickly guzzle to excess.) My biggest concern is that they stay away from any combination of vehicles and alcohol. A year or two ago, I would have (and did) call the home of my kid's friend, ask to talk to parents, etc. But now, I must admit that this is one of those situations in which I count on my kids to be honest, mature and to use good judgement.

7.) You and your husband are having mojitos (cosmos, a beer, a glass of wine... whatever). Your 17 and 20-year-olds ask if you'll make them one. How do you respond? How do you respond if they're with friends?

This one is easy. We will provide them one drink as long as they promise to stay home. We do not supply drinks to their friends. But we do treat our German exchange students as our own kids, partly because we know their traditions in Germany are consistent with our attitudes at home.

8.) Your 15-year-old asks both parents if they ever smoked weed. You both have. How do you respond? (Assuming you answer honestly:) He asks if you liked it. One did, one didn't. How do you respond? He asks if you currently smoke. Neither parents does, but one parent misses it and one doesn't. How do you respond? He then asks which you think is worse for teens -- weed or alcohol. How do you respond?

I hate the stuff -- always have. Tom has smoked, liked it, but no longer smokes at all. We are both honest with our kids about our attitudes and about our past. We remind them that both drinking and weed are illegal for teens, but tell them that alcohol probably causes greater problems in society as a whole because of it's addictive qualities and the dangers of drinking and driving.

9.) Your 15-year-old confides that her 14-year-old cousin, whose parents forbid her to drink, has been drunk numerous times. Do you call the cousin's parent -- your sibling -- and tell them?

10.) Your 16-year-old confides that her 15-year-old cousin, has been having sex. Your child isn't sure if the sex was protected or not. Do you call the cousin's parent -- your sibling -- and tell them?

These two are hypothetical and I'm GLAD they haven't happened! I think that I'd talk with my niece or nephew and encourage him/her to tell parents. But I wouldn't tell them. Nor would I put my child in a situation that risks trust -- cousin-to-cousin or parent-to-child.

One thing I do know now that I've been raising teens: it is anything but easy, there is no one right or wrong way to raise kids (especially teens!), and honest and communication are BY FAR the most important things to preserve in that relationship. If you've lost those, I believe that you're well on your way to losing your connection with your kids. I'd rather know what my teens are doing and deal with it the best I can than not have any clue to what their lives are really like. And, more importantly, I want my kids to be SAFE, and a head-in-the-sand attitude could put them at greater risk. I encourage them to be open and honest, let them know when I agree and disagree with them (boy, do I!), and let go of my need to be right. That one's hard. But so far, at least, they're great kids ("kids"?!) who share their lives with us openly and honestly, so I have to believe that we're doing something right.

Originally posted by Carol at Northwest Ladybug at 10:50 AM 5/8/07

Please offer your honest opinions/answers to these important and thought-provoking issues. And, please be careful to follow the comment rules and be nice to Carol, to me and to other commenters.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Would You Do If ...?

On Wednesdays, I throw out a question that asks, "What Would You Do If ...?" and I would love to hear - what you would do.

I will not give my answer to the What Would You Do If - Wednesday question until late in the day - after everyone has had the opportunity to offer their ideas first.


What would you do if ...

You were cleaning out your husband's sock drawer and came across a secret stash of porn magazines or movies?

Would you confront your husband - ask him to throw them out?

Would you leave the stash alone and not mention that you found the porn?

What would you do?
Also, please go over to my sidebar and participate in the poll question on this topic.

Okay - what would I do?
I would not be happy upon finding a secret stash and I would want to have a talk about it. I would likely not have it thrown out, but I would want to understand my husband's need to buy it and then hide it. It's the hiding of it that would make me suspicious and uncomfortable - not the owning of it. I understand that some people find these magazines and X-rated movies offensive and some are pretty raunchy - but, I don't have a problem with most of them, as long as they are legal, of course, and not creepy stuff.

Poll Results: If You Found Your Husband's Secret Porn What Would You Do? 21 people participated in poll. 10 (4%) said they would leave it alone. 8(38%) said they would throw it out and 3(14%) said they would ask him to shart it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Uncle Sam Wants Who?

On The Flipside Guest Blogger: Jenn from Juggling Life

Jenn wrote this post in April and has so graciously agreed to pull it out of her archives and repost it here On The Flipside. Thanks, Jenn - it's a great topic!

Uncle Sam Wants Who?

Big Red will be turning 18 in a couple of weeks, so he received this in the mail:

Okay, his card isn't quite that large, but you get the picture.

Selective Service Registration


Almost all male U.S. citizens, and male aliens living in the U.S., who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service. It's important to know that even though he is registered, a man will not automatically be inducted into the military. In a crisis requiring a draft, men would be called in sequence determined by random lottery number and year of birth. Then, they would be examined for mental, physical and moral fitness by the military before being deferred or exempted from military service or inducted into the Armed Forces.

Guess what Grown-up Girl did not get for her 18th birthday? You guessed it--no mandatory Selective Service Registration for her.

Without going into what I think about SSR as a matter of policy, or the odds that we'll ever have a draft again, or my views on war in general, I have to note that only males are required to register. And that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me.

I am a feminist. I happen to be a feminist who has spent my adult life fulfilling a very traditional role, that of stay-at-home-mom and homemaker, but I am a feminist. And as such, I believe that women are capable of doing any job a man can do and deserve every opportunity men have.

If a woman deserves the same rights and opportunities as a man, does it not follow that she should have the same responsibilities? I believe it does. I can't think of a single reason that my son should be expected and possibly ordered to serve his country, but my daughter should not.

I have discussed this with mothers "in real life." What I find is that mothers of only girls are appalled at the idea. Mothers of only boys have never really considered the idea. And mothers who have both boys and girls may be surprised by the idea, but they concede that it does make sense that equal rights should also entail equal responsibilities.

Personally, the idea of any of my children going to war terrifies me. It would be worse if they went because of a draft rather than having entered the military voluntarily. I just can't imagine thinking that it would be acceptable that only our sons bear this burden.

After all, we've come a long way, baby--and sometimes, along with the upside, there's a downside.

Originally posted at Juggling Life 12:46 AM 4/24/08

Please leave your honest opinion whether you agree with Jenn or are On The Flipside on this subject. And, make sure you follow the comment rules and be nice to Jenn, to me and to other commenters. And, please go over to the sidebar and participate in the poll on this topic.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Would You Do If ...?

On Wednesdays, I throw out a question that asks, "What Would You Do If ...?" and I would love to hear - what you would do.

I will not give my answer to the What Would You Do If - Wednesday question until late in the day - after everyone has had the opportunity to offer their ideas first.


What would you do if ...

Your neighbor - a very good friend - constantly allowed her dog to poop in your yard/on your lawn - without ever cleaning it up and allowed it to happen day after day after day?

Would you just ignore the situation to preserve the friendship.

Would you confront the friend - ask her to STOP IT!

What would you do?

Please go over and participate in the poll question on this topic.
This subject came up on someone's site recently - I wish I could remember who it was. I have never had to deal with this particular problem, but ... it is the sort of thing that I would have a hard time confronting a friend about. I would not be happy about the situation and the friend not being more considerate, but ... I would not be comfortable confronting my friend about this. I might build a fence or put up a sign in my yard. This is sort of the chicken way out of having to address the situation, but I would not want to say anything that might hurt the friendship over something like this. That's just me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Be Happy With What You Have

On The Flipside Guest Blogger: Courtney of Quiet Chaos.

Courtney has written a great post and so graciously agreed to be a Guest Blogger for On The Flipside. Please read her post below and then leave your opinion on this topic in the comments. And, don't forget to go over and visit Courtney and her beautiful family at Quiet Chaos. Thanks so much, Courtney!


Be Happy With What You Have

Why is it that most mothers are not happy with their positions?

Most stay at home moms envy the working moms because they get adult interaction; most working moms would give their right arm to stay home with their kids.

I have been thinking about this lately. I am one working mom that would give her right arm to stay home with her kids, but I also understand the stay at home moms point of view. When I did stay home with Taylor, there were days I wished I did work. For the most part, I was happy being home and being her mom, but there were those days.

I guess the grass is not always greener on the other side. When I did it, I wanted what I have now. Now that I have it I want to go back. I guess I never thought about having to keep up with dishes (no dishwasher), laundry, house cleaning and still have time to spend with my kids. I thought (I was dreaming I know) that I could go to work, pick up my kids after and play with them all night. I guess I thought dinner would make itself, laundry would all ready be done by the laundry fairy, and those dishes? They would magically get done while I was sleeping or we would use paper plates, cutlery, cups and napkins. That doesn't even include the bathing of children and having two little girls that need their hair done.

I fortunately have an amazing husband who does not hesitate to jump in and do his fair share. He used to do all the dishes and fold the laundry, as well as, helping me clean on the weekends. I would do all the laundry, cooking and bathing. Now that he is in school I fold the laundry now and do the dishes when he doesn't get a chance to. He does a lot on the weekends for me, but it is still tiring for both of us. I know I am extremely lucky because none of my friends husbands really help them out whether they work or not. Some do a little bit, but I constantly hear, "Can I just trade you husbands only for a couple days?"

I have a little plaque that hangs above the entry way leading from the living room to the dining room that says it best, "Be Happy With What You Have." I am going to make a conscience effort to make this my personal motto and not complain about how I want so desperately to stay home. I am going to be grateful that I have a job. I may not always like it, but it pays well and many people do not have jobs. I have a boss that is flexible when he wants to be so I am going to remember those times not the times that he isn't. I have a wonderful, (sorta) healthy family who loves me unconditionally and a great support system. I challenge you all to leave in the comments the wonderful things about your life.

Originally posted by Courtney at 6/20/08 at 9:04 AM

So, what about you - Are you a stay-at-home-mom that often wishes you could return to work? Or, are you a working mom that often wishes you could stay home? Or, are lucky to be doing just what you want - right where you want to be?

Please offer your opinion on this topic and make sure you follow the comment rules and be nice to Courtney and to me and to all others that comment. And, please go over to my sidebar and participate in the poll question on this subject.

Poll results: If You Could Change Your Life Would You ... 16 people participated in poll. 2 (12%) said they would quit working to stay home with their kids. 0 said they would go back to work full-time. 3 (18%) said they would go back to work at least part-time. 11 (68%) said they loved their life just as it was.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I Need A Tattoo That Says - Cool Mom

My twin daughters and I have had discussions lately about tattoos.

They have both indicated wanting to get a tattoo at some point in their lives.

How do you think I feel about this?

Do you think I'm like my mother and I HATE them?

Or ...

Do you think I am hip and with-it and am cool about tattoos?

I don't know why, exactly --- but ... I'm okay with tattoos.

I guess it's the hippie in me - the 70's influence - the fact that I am a product of peace signs and groovy music - generation. I'm cool!

I'm not totally cool with the tattooing everywhere - you know - for females, especially. Like all over the arms and legs and backs and chests. But ... a tattoo or two, doesn't bother me.

As a matter of fact - I rather like the band tattoos around the arms - a small butterfly on the ankle and even those "tramp-stamps" on the lower back.

I will be encouraging my girls/kids to hold off on actually getting any tattoos for as long as possible (while they live under my roof), but ...

I'm cool with it.

Sorry Mom!

This is JUST my opinion - what do you think? Are you cool about tattoos or are you ... On The Flipside?

Give me your most honest opinion - whether you agree with me or have a FLIPSIDE view. But, please make sure you follow the comment rules and be nice to me and other commenter's. And please go over to my sidebar and participate in the poll on this topic.
Poll results: How Do You Feel About Tattoos? 4(33%) said they don't like tattoos.. 7 (58%) said they are okay with one or two. 0% said they like lots of tattoos. 1 (8%) said they have tattoos and love them.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Teens Will Be Teens?

On The Flipside Guest Blogger: Jenn from Juggling Life

Jenn wrote this post in April and has agreed to pull it out of her archives and repost it here On The Flipside. This is a great topic - thanks Jenn!

Teens Will Be Teens?

Since I have three teenagers at home (17, 15, 13), one of my main motherly duties is checking up on my kids. Danger Boy calls it spying; Mr. Fix-it and I like to call it parenting. Big Red is in the final semester of his senior year. He doesn't tell me much of what's going on (okay, he tells me nothing), but I hear things through the grapevine. I've got a friend whose son actually likes to dish! Right now the high school party circuit is in full swing.

What's shocking to me is how many parents accept that teenage drinking is inevitable. If not openly condoned, it is certainly winked at. Don't ask, don't tell is the de facto policy among many of the parents in my neighborhood. "Just as long as they don't drive . . ." "I'd rather have them be safe at home . . ." "We did it when we were kids."

Does this look familiar to anyone?

Yes, many of us did. I am one of the many that started drinking in my senior year of high school. Today I look back on the risks and I took and I cannot fathom not trying to prevent my kids from making the same stupid mistakes I did. I got lucky. Lucky is not a parenting plan in my book. If you need more convincing than the memory of your own misspent youth, check out this Washington Post article.

Big Red and I have a running joke about partying. I tell him "It's your job to try and my job to stop you. You do your job and I'll do mine." The result has been that, although we've had a couple of incidents, for the most part he just doesn't go out much. I was pretty pleased when the phone calls started flying about a drinking party not too long ago. When I got the call asking where my son was, I was happy to be able to say, "Sitting here next to me."

So many parents worry about their kids being made fun of, or of them not being popular, that they let them go to parties when they know there will be drinking. Not me. I will bust your ass in a heartbeat if I think you're stepping off the line when it comes to drinking or any other drugs. And it's not like he doesn't have friends, he does. I'm sure he is sometimes places where underage drinking and other illicit activities are happening--but he can always use the fallback of his overprotective parents and their nosy ways as an excuse not to partake. Of course this means that I frequently have to wake up at midnight on a Saturday night and have a coherent conversation while we stare deeply into each other's eyes and I slyly sniff. It's not just the babies that interrupt your sleep!

I'm sure he's not going to be an angel when he heads off to Colorado State this August. I'm not even sure I want him to be a total innocent. I do think that not having his brain chemistry changed at the age of 15 or 16 by weekend drinking will have left him with a lot better judgement than if he had been chemically altering his consciousness these last couple of years.

BTW, I'm pretty upfront with my kids about my early party days. Not in graphic detail, but just enough so that they know that whatever they might think about doing I already did; and I surely know what it looks and smells like, so don't even try it. Of course, I'm not all reefer madness or anything. My point of view is that no one ever said "Wow, I'm really drunk (or stoned), I think I'll study and get ahead in life."

What's the blogospheropinion on this?

Originally Posted at Juggling Life 01:41 AM 4/3/08

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Salon Talk

On The Flipside Guest Blogger: Forgetfulone

Forgetfulone posted this post on her blog on 7/10/08 (http://forgetfulone.blogspot.com/2008/07/salon-talk.html) and she has now agreed to repost it here On The Flipside and be today's Guest Blogger - Thanks so much Forgetfulone!

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Salon Talk

Are you an independent salon girl, a Toni & Guy or Visible Changes gal, a Supercuts girl, or somewhere in between?

I've been all of the above, but I prefer the independent salons. There is a locally owned salon here called Menchaca's. They have four or five locations, but they are not a nationwide chain. The owner does my hair, and he's fabulous. It can be rather pricey, though. I've learned the hard way that it's worth every penny!

My step-daughter has had a really awful haircut at Supercuts. My 12 year old son has had a bad haircut at TGF Haircutters. And I had the worst experience recently at Fantastic Sam's. Now, I realize not all of the stylists at these places are bad. In fact, most of them are fine. But just before we went on vacation last month, I decided I needed a hair cut. I didn't have an appointment at Menchaca's, I wanted to save money, and I needed my hair cut NOW. Next time, I will simply either wait or plan ahead better.

I wanted a really small section of bangs (I don't think I look good without bangs). I have a huge chunk of bangs now, and I am still having to cut them to even them up. They are so completely jagged! The stylist asked if I wanted the sides tapered to the front. I told her no. I wanted a blunt cut. Guess what? She tapered the front! I am old enough to know how I want my hair styled! I have thin, baby fine hair, and I know what works and what doesn't.

I will give some freedom to my regular stylist, but when I go somewhere new or unknown, I don't want that person to experiment on my hair. In a few weeks, I plan to go to my regular stylist and beg his forgiveness for letting someone else touch my hair. I know he'll be able to make things right. I found out the hard way that it is worth it to be patient and to spend the extra money to get a decent cut. It's true that you get what you pay for!

Originally posted by forgetfulone at 2:40 PM 07/10/08

What do you think? Have you had good or bad experiences with "quick-cut" hair salons? Do you prefer small salons? Are you okay paying more for a beautician you trust?

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Poll results: When You Have Your Hair Cut Which Do You Prefer? 15 people participated in poll. 3 (20%) said they preferred an expensive salon. 3 (20%) said they preferred the "quick cut" type salons. 7 (46%) said they 2 (13%) had a friend cut their hair. 0 said they cut their hair themselves. 2 (13%) said that it didn't matter much to them where they got their hair cut.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mama's Darling Little THIEF

I have 4 children.

I have dragged these four children into many, many stores - over the years.

I have been to Target.

I have been to Wal-Mart.

I have been to Dillards and Marshalls and Toys R Us.

I have - on an occasion or two - unloaded a child from a shopping cart or stroller - or moved a child from the van to the house - and ...


It's happened.

I've pushed a few shopping carts and toddler strollers ... back into a store or two - to return ... STOLEN toys or candy.

I have.

What about you?

Has this happened with one of your kids?

What do you do?

Do you return the STOLEN toys or candy? Or ... are you On The Flipside and and blow it off (I've done that a time or two, as well)?

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Poll results: If Your Child Swipes Something From A Store What Do You do? 15 People participated in poll. 13 (86%) said they would immediately return the item. 0 said they would blow it off and go on home. 2 (13%) said they've done both - immediately returned the item and also blown it off and gone on home.