Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Words Of Encourgement

I got a call yesterday from our Accountant, Donna. She'd called to verify some information so she could complete our taxes.

Donna and I aren't every-day friends, but I still consider her a friend. She is one of the sweetest people I know and I wish we were closer as I'd love to spend more time with her. We sometimes have lunch together and even though I might only speak to her 3 or 4 times a year, every time we talk it is so comfortable and pleasant.

We talked for a long while yesterday about personal things going on in our lives - mostly about our children. Then she mentioned that my husband, Billy, had mentioned to her that I was writing a book. I felt my heart sink when she said these words. You never know what someone is going to say when they hear you are writing a book. It's often what they don't say that can hurt the most.

Donna, however, was kind. After I offered minor details about my project - my endeavor, she said, "I have so much confidence in you, Kellan. I admire you for focusing on something and going after it - it's so like you. If anyone can accomplish this, you can. I just know you'll do it." Or, something along those lines.

I have to say, this compliment and encouragement touched my heart in way I didn't see coming. She is not someone I know intimately and yet we are sort of kindred spirits that really get along and just like each other. Even though I respect and admire Donna immensely, it wasn't those reasons that encouraged and lifted me up. It was that she was totally honest. She didn't have to say these things and yet she did and I appreciated this boost more than she will ever know.

This sort of support is not easy to come by. Encouragement is something that should be freely given and yet people sometimes are stingy with their words and their support. My family is often skeptical - I can see it in all of their eyes. Some, think I am wasting my time. Some just say nothing at all. Same goes for many of my friends.

Thank you, Donna. I was already moving forward, but every now and then it's nice to get a little motivational push of encouragement and you, my friend, were there when I needed you.


Kami said...

I second what she said. I have been telling you to write a book since I "met" you. And I meant it.

You be sure to tell me where I can buy it when it's published, m'kay?


~Jamie said...

I so totally hear you here! It's what they don't say! YES!
But I think it makes the little gems of encouragement like this so much better!

Betsy said...

I know you can do it! :) Glad you have someone around to encourage you.

Courtney said...

I hope you took her words in & took them to heart. She is absolutely right.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I wonder why the skepticism from others--we should all be encouraging each other in all our endeavors.

Sally said...

I so understand, Kellan. We all need encouragement from time to time. I think it's also wonderful that Billy told her about your work; now THAT is encouragement in itself. (HUGS)

Jaina said...

She's spot on. I'm just waiting to buy a copy and have you autograph it for me :)

dani said...

i'm so happy that encouragement came your way, kellan... positive reinforcement is what spurs us to keep on keeping on:) i think it's great that big billy is so proud of you, too!!!