Thursday, July 31, 2008

Funny Kid Products

I was forwarded a fun post. Pregnantly Plump sent me the link to a blog ( that had posted a fun list of "The Worst Baby Products Ever."

So I decided, when I saw all of these items - I liked some of them - REALLY!

So ... in true On The Flipside fashion, I am going to give my opinion as to why I DO LIKE these items!

This one is called "The Daddle" - a saddle for daddy. For one - I think this is a cute name and I think any product that involves daddy playing with the kids is a GOOD PRODUCT!

I'm not sure of the actual name for this product, but ... I am so OKAY with these "leash" products. I don't care if it does make it look like you are walking a "dog" - if it helps keep track of a kid in a crowded store - it's a GOOD PRODUCT!

Now ... this product is meant to be used to help a mom out in a public restroom or anywhere or anytime she needs to keep the child in one place - where she can keep an eye on him - so she can GO PEE or whatever. I would be a lot happier hanging my kid on the side of a bathroom stall than I would be having that child crawl around on the nasty public bathroom floor. This product does seem a bit odd - but it does seem as though it might work and I think it is a pretty GOOD PRODUCT!

These "hands" are called "The Zaky Infant Pillows". They look creepy - they do. But ... I kind of like the idea that they hold a baby on it's side to sleep (helps avoid their head flattening from sleeping on their back too much) and it makes the baby think that someone is touching him. There can't be much wrong with a product that emulates touching or holding - right? I think these hands need to be in more pleasant fabrics, though - like pink or pastels. I like these hands - I think this is a GOOD PRODUCT!

Okay ... maybe the "redneck" in me is coming out, but I can't help but love these Buck-Toothed Pacifiers! What is not to love about how totally cute this baby looks. I'd rather see them on YOUR baby than any of mine, but I still think this is a GOOD PRODUCT!

This Cheese Burger costume is too cute. I don't see anything wrong with this precious costume, other than putting the baby on the couch like this and walking away, as it is sort of like turning a turtle on its back - he's stuck! I do like this cute costume and would love to see a whole family of kids dressed as a cheese burger, fries, apple pie and milk shake. I think this is a GOOD PRODUCT!

Now ... I have tried to like this product - but I just don't. I don't see any reason to put tattoos (and I'm not opposed to tattoos) on a baby. I have to say that I don't really like this product - NOPE!

Now, there are lots of people that probably won't like these little high-heeled shoes for babies - but ... I LOVE THEM! They are a bit crazy, but I think they are darling. I wouldn't put them on my little darling for just any 'ol occasion, but for those special events - they are precious! I think these little shoes are a GOOD PRODUCT!

This product is called "The Po-Knee" and I think the name is very creative. I also love this product. I have seen a child bounced on many a knee and this is not only more comfortable for the baby, but also the daddy and it makes the play more fun. I think this product is adorable and I think it is a GOOD PRODUCT!

This product is a "Baby Mop". As cute as this baby is in this stringy outfit - it is not the baby's job to do any sort of mopping and ... imagine the filth that would collect on that mop! I wouldn't want my baby "wearing" a dirty mop-looking outfit. I do not like this product - NOPE!

I'm anxious to see if you like these products or if you are On The Flipside and think they are the worst products ever.

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Jacey said...

Wow. Ok... some people have a lot of spare time on their hands, to think up products like that.
I think The Daddle is kind of pointless personally. I mean... can't kid's get 'horsey rides' from their Dads without a Daddle? It just seems like it might end up being anothe rone of those things people buy and never use.
I'm all for the leash. I know it may look a little.. odd... but honestly, with so many places being crowded, and kids hitting that age where they INSIST on walking everywhere... it's a good idea. My parents used them on my sister and I as toddlers, and we certainly haven't suffered from it.
The baby door hanger..... hmmm. Mostly, it just amuses me. That kid looks so adorable hanging there!
Really, I think the best idea, would be if your'e carrying your kid in a sling anyway, have one that is able to hang like that. It's certainly not a bad idea.

The creepy hands... are creepy. But I dunno. I mean, it's not a HORRIBLE idea, it's not going to hurt the kid. I think I'd personally be a little freaked out to walk into my kids room and see these mystery hands holding the baby.

The tooth pacie cracked me up. It's adorable, and funny, and I mean... obviously one wouldn't want thier kid wearing it everywhere.... but I think it's cute.

I think the cheeseburger costume, the tattoo and the heels kind fit together. Good for Halloween.

The Po-Knee - the name? Awesome. The idea is so much better than The Daddle. I like it.

The Baby Mop cracked me up. It's kinda... cute. I wouldn't buy it, and I kind of object to the idea of it... but come on, imagine walking in to see a baby wearing that! :D

kaylee said...

EWwWW but you arent pregnanyt are you?

Rosemary Bogdan said...

I think the hanger for the bathroom is a good idea. I had two babies under two (and nobody older) and I remember how very difficult it was to go to the bathroom. Seems very practical. DEfinitely could do without the baby tattoos. I wouldn't put the heels on a baby either. What if it was a baby old enough to stand up? Baby mop is definitely bizarre.
The daddle? mmm, seems unnecessary. Although I do think the child would enjoy those stirrups.
The Po-knee? nah.
The hand thing seems really weird to me. Reminds me too much of Cousin It on the Adams Family.

Funny products.

dani said...

hey, kell:)
i totally agree with you on all of these!!! a friend of mine sent me a link to the "high heel" baby slippers a couple of months ago... and i thought that they totally rocked!!! (and still do;) darling idea!!!
when i scrolled to see the baby hanging on the restroom stall, i literally laughed-out-loud, bahahahahaha!!! i'm in kat's room (we're having a girls' night), but i was afraid john had heard me on the other side of the house. the stall sling is a riot, or i just got my second wind:D
too cute!!!

dani said...

ok, i need to get off here because i just read what kaylee wrote and laughed even louder!!!

Amanda said...

I love love love the product that you can hang the baby up in the toilet! Can i have four bigger ones of those so i can hang my 4 hyperactive boys up??? haha. It's a fun post Kellan! thanks for the laugh :D

JCK said...

Do you think they make a Daddle for 3 and 4 year olds? Because, I'm buying it.

You are HILARIOUS, Kellan.

Little Sweethearts said...

Since we're being honest: I really dislike those pacifiers. I don't think it looks cute at all. You have this precious little baby that you want to hold close and snuggle up to and then ... aargh, you'd almost run away screaming from the sight of it. Personal opinion of course.

The only think I like a little is the pony, but I prefer my kids looking at me and not the other way around: I'd FLIP them ;) (also: when would I ever get them off my knee again???).


Debbie said...

I'm still laughing at the redneck pacifier which I think is adorable!

NO on the tatoos and mopping!

I agree! These are great products and since it's been 22 years since David was a baby...I'm amazed!

Belle said...

Hmmm...hard to say. I do think the hand thing is kind of creepy just because of the way it looks. The hang over the door thing just tickles my funny bone with that baby hanging there over the door. He looks pretty happy just "hanging around."

Brenda said...

The Daddle would be good for grandpa's too, hmmmmm, that's an idea.

Brittany said...

whoa. All I have to say is WHY did I not think of these things FIRST? I'd be rich. ha ha ha.

I don't care for them all, and see some of them as unnecessary, but nonetheless, people must be buying them..... so like I said, WHY Did I not think of them FIRST?

Courtney said...

Okay, the hands, I wish I had them when Callee was 0 - 9 months old because the child wouldn't sleep unless she was being held. This may have worked and helped me to not be so stressed out. Creepy looking or not, I was desperate and yes I would have tried them.

That pacifier, Callee has it. I'll take a picture this weekend and post it to my blog. I am so not kidding on this one. I guess I am a little bit of a redneck too, but it was bought as a gift, does that matter?

Sally said...

I'm trying to figure out how the baby carrier is hanging from the bathroom stall. That's wierd, but then I'm a born blonde.

Love the little binky for a joke of course. The mop is ridiculous. ewwww

Great post!

One Scrappy Chicklet said...

OK well I was kinda with you till we got to the hands and the high heels. The hands just freak me out and the heals, that is a whole other story. But I love the one that lets you hang the kidlet on the inside of the stall, it is way to hard to use a public bathroom without actually sitting down and only harder when you are trying to keep your child from trying to climb under the stalls and scaring the bejezzzzus out of the little old lady that see's them peeking.

Have a great day

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Those are hilarious! I actually think that baby hanger is a good idea, although I can't imagine lugging it around.
And the leash thing? My mom made leashes for my little sisters with dog leashes and belts when we went to the World's Fair and my sisters were very young. We were small town folk and the crowds were pretty intimidating. Plus she had 4 kids to worry about, I think she was brilliant!

Helen E.M. Wright said...

Those were hilarious!

I will admit...there might have been a time that I would have at least tried those hand pillows! My son is all about touch.

Pregnantly Plump said...

You're right about the mop, obviously. But when I first saw it, I thought, hmmm.... I like the idea of the bathroom hanger, and never thought about hanging up a baby carrier. Little Elvis is too big at this point, but definitely something for me to think about in the future!
Thanks for posting the list!!

Joanna said...

We had twin wrist "leashes" - and it was like walking two dogs that got tangled up! But they didn't get away from me.

Some are cute and some are well, uh, different.

Sandra Carvalho said...

LOL!Loved it!Some of these products are hilarious!

OH!I loved this blog of yours as well! ;)

Tabitha said...

I like them all apart from the pacifier, the tatoos and the mop thingy!!
The door hanger is great ~ much better than risking a baby catching something nasty off a toilet floor!!!!! XXX

Jaina said...

The Daddle- I can either take it or leave it. I do have visions of a child falling and getting their foot/leg/ankle caught in the stirrup though.

The leashes- Nope. I just can't do this one. I'm very much of the "free the leash kids" variety. Never did like to see a child on a leash like a dog, doesn't sit well with me.

Wall hanging baby- I definitely see your point about hanging them from the side rather than letting them be on the dirty floor. My only concern is the safety. I'd rather have a little one on the dirty floor than falling to it.

The rest of them- either or. Some of them are amusing, the bucktooth pacifier I think is a little sad for the baby who has to grow up with those pictures, but the rest of them are okay. Minus the mop of course. Not cool.

Kelly said...

Some of those are hilarious. I would love those heels on my 6 month old niece. The Daddle would come in handy at my house!! And I love the hands on the sleeping baby. Oh, I could have used those MANY times when my boys were babies!!

Jocasta said...

I would buy the Daddle - just for the pure entertainment factor for me seeing my poor hubbie saddled up!

I don't have a problem with the leash - I think there are probably more discreet ones out there.

Baby door hanger - just don't have a use for it as I would just use the buggy and find a disabled toilet so we could all fit in.

I'm not a fan of the hands and the paci. I just think they are a bit freaky for me.


I think the leashes are a great idea.
Some kids really need them, especially in a crowded place like an amusement park.
Those hands? TOTALLY creep me out. I think I'll have nightmares about them tonight!

Journey of Truth said...

I liked most of them as ideas. No tattoos, though. I probably would have bought my daughter those shoes (only for fun - not if she was walking).

Denise said...

Hi Kellan. I'm pretty much with you on the products you liked and disliked. My favorite products are the baby hanger things to hook him to the wall, and the "hands" to hold the baby while he sleeps - I really, really love this. I wish this had been around when my son was a baby.
This is my first day to visit "On the Flip Side" and I really like it. A very cool blog!
See you later.

AZMom said...

Wow. LOL Some of those are too funny. The baby hanger I would be terrified my kid would fall from it. Otherwise, I agree with your assesments of stuff. I have a fairly good sense of humor too. :-)