Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Too Late For Me

On Good Morning American a while back, there was a story about this college and how it is now offering degrees in Homemaking and it is offered exclusively to women.

They, of course, had a representative from the college on the show, and they also had this woman (writer) who had an opposing view.

I'm not sure how I feel about this - classes that teach women how to be homemakers.

I guess it's a good idea.

I know that I have been doing it for a very long time and I am quite the failure sometimes - I could have probably used such a degree. It's too late for me - I neither have the time, money or inclination to continue educating myself, nor do I think I would be the most receptive student. I already accept that I've long since reached my level of incompetence - I don't need some university professor to remind me of it day in and day out.

Once, when my son was small, he came from the family room after watching an episode of The Brady Bunch on TV. He walked up to me, stood directly in my path and asked, "Who's our housekeeper?" in a tone that implied that we surely must have one and he couldn't understand why he had never run into her. I looked down into his sweet little face and said, with my hands planted firmly on my hips, "You're lookin' at her." He turned and walked away, unimpressed.

I know one thing for sure ... degree or no degree ... it is the hardest job on earth!!

Another thing ... a degree is not going to get you anymore money - as we all know ... there is no salary. And telling someone that you graduated from "XYZ University" with a degree in Homemaking - just sounds a bit ridiculous. It's already difficult enough to say, "Oh ... me, I don't do anything ... I just stay home with my kids." Imagine trying to convince people that you actually spent the time and money to get a degree in the field. Imagine the thoughts that would go through their minds. Imagine how many times your name would come up at parties after this discussion.

I guess it's like a degree in Home Economics and eventually it'll catch on and people will respect such a degree. But ... I'm not impressed. I had to learn the old-fashion way ... sink or swim ... like my mother before me and hers before her.

I guess ... a degree is a degree. If some women feel the need to pursue such a degree - let them. In the future, when you go into the homes of these Homemaker graduates I'm sure they will have those prestigious degrees mounted on the wall in their foyers for everyone to see.

It may not make the job anymore legitimate, but ...those women will certainly have something to point to when their kids ask, "What's your job anyway?" And they will ask!

This is JUST my opinion. What do you think? Are you with me and don't see this degree ever much catching on or are you ... On The Flipside and feel this sort of education is a good idea and will become a common sought-after degree in the future?

Give me your most honest opinion - whether you agree with me or have a FLIPSIDE view. But, please make sure you follow the comment rules and be nice to me and other commenter's. And please go over to my sidebar and participate in the poll question on this topic.
Poll Results: What Do You Think About Degrees In Home Making? 5 People took poll. 3 (60%) thought it was a great idea. 1 (2%) thought it was a bad idea. 1 (2%) Will never catch on.


dani said...

kellan, do you think we could get an honorary phd since we've all ready been at it for so long???
then, at least, we could put those three little letters after our name and seem really important:b

Tabitha said...

I really don't know!!
We don't have anything like this in the Uk ~ but I am sure it will come here someday!!
I wouldn't do one ~ but that is not to say other people may find it usefull!!

Brittany said...

Hmm I don't really know what I think about this. Maybe it would help the acceptance of being a homemaker? Maybe it would show people that it really IS a job.

I don't think I'd get a degree in it, however. I'd rather get a degree in something else (as I am), that pays money, in case I ever need to make money for my family, someday.

Sally said...

It MAY catch on; seems these days people spend money just to be spending it. My opinion - ridiculous. The best lessons in homemaking, child care, or life in general, come from experience. Everyone, no matter how many degrees in such a subject, are bound to falter from time to time.

Furthermore (hahaha) what gives people the "authority" on teaching such courses, or writing books on subjects like that except from their own experiences. It's kind of like the male gynecologist who says
to the effect "stop whining, it doesn't hurt, just push". I mean, how many watermelons have pushed through his "passageway".

Brenda said...

Ha! I only passed Home EC cause I promised the teacher I wouldn't come back. I'd be a failure at getting such a degree.

I wonder how many students were clambering to get in?

Courtney said...

I don't know if it will catch on or not, but I do know that I am not going to pay for a degree that has absolutely zero chance of ever paying me. I guess if I went on welfare then the government is paying me, but I don't see that happening either. So, no I will not be pursuing that degree.

Julie said...

I don't know... It seems a bit crazy to spend so much money on a career that doesn't pay you anything... And really, how hard is it to clean the house, cook the meals, pay the bills, and take care of the kids? Do you really need to go to college to learn how to do it?

Julie said...

I don't know... It seems a bit crazy to spend so much money on a career that doesn't pay you anything... And really, how hard is it to clean the house, cook the meals, pay the bills, and take care of the kids? Do you really need to go to college to learn how to do it?

tammy said...

I don't think there's anyway you could teach everything there is to know. Every child & family is different and has different needs. I think some basic parenting/homemaking skills are great to learn, but an entire degree? Maybe it would help some women feel better about themselves, but I see it as making some women thinking they are better than others.

Dawn said...

I'm such an idealist when it comes to education that I'll go ahead and say I support this kind of degree, even if there isn't a chance of making any money from it. I like the idea of getting an education just because of the love of learning- I know reality requires that most people be a but more practical about college but if I had the time and money...I might be interested in something like this...I certainly would have a lot to learn. ;)

Ellyn said...

This is far and away the hardest job of my life. But I don't feel a degree is 1.) going to make it easier or 2.) make others look at me with some sort of respect. Experience is the best teacher. No degree can offer that.

The watermelon comment above is a hoot. For the record I would never go to a male gynecologist. They just don't know.

Denise Wheeler said...

I completely agree with you. However, that being said, I guess if you look at what the next generation is like it is the only way that so many would ever learn. How sad that instead of people teaching their kids, through example and out right instruction, how to be a good home maker, they are now offering a college degree.

Helen E.M. Wright said...

I can't believe that #1 there would be a degree in this; #2 have it exclusively for women; and #3 that people would be willing to take it!

forgetfulone said...

I think it's kind of ridiculous. It IS the hardest job in the world, but how can they possibly offer a degree for something you HAVE to learn while doing, something for which there is no right or wrong? And why can't a man get a degree in homemaking? Oh, dumb question!

James said...

I think it's a great idea. When I was in college you could major in Home Ec. If you can major in "packaging" as you can at MSU I don't see why there shouldn't be a homemaking major. It could include cooking, baking, sewing, design, psychology, budgeting, child psych. , etc. the list could be quite lone, when you think about it. Will it catch on? Well, there will surely be a lot of feminist resistance. We'll see.

Denise Wheeler said...

Kellan, I thought I would add that there is a blog that actually was discussing a very similar topic this week. Since they were kind of reinforcing my earlier comment, I thought I would share the blog with you.
Just thought I would share it with you. Have a great weekend!

Kami said...

Yeah, without a pay raise I can't see myself pursuing a degree in housework and way!

I already did that for accounting and it pays!

Cyndy said...

My only issue is that it's only offered for women. What's up with that?

Jacey said...

I'ms orry.... while I think that homemaking is certainly a hard job, a time consuming job and a WAY underpaid job, it's not academic, educational material.
Universities are for academic thigns. Medicine, Education, Law, Arcitecture, Graphics... and 100's of other things.
Hospitality is leaning towards Homemaking, in the sense that you learn skills for homemaking ont he larger scale - hotels etc, plus the business side. That's fine (Hell, it better be fine. I did Hospo before Education) but homemaking, however much hard work it is, isn't an academic subject, and should not be in Universities.

I would accept it as those courses they run in community colleges/highscools as one off courses, like 'Learn How to Cook' or 'Learn How to Change the Oil in Your Car'...... because they aren't degrees. But not as a degree.

Jacey said...

Helen E.M. Wright said...
I can't believe that #1 there would be a degree in this; #2 have it exclusively for women; and #3 that people would be willing to take it!


katy said...

I think we would get Grandfathered in...experience counts as credit.
In the museum I volunteer in there is a dress Ms. Ohio 1964(?) wore. They gave all of the contestants a whole chicken and a kitchen with a few odds and ends and they had 2 hours and 45 minutes to serve a meal. In an hour I can drive to KFC and get back with a big meal. I'd blow them all out of the water now.