Monday, August 25, 2008

People Have All Sorts Of Pets

People have all sorts of pets - all sorts!

I'm okay with having dogs and cats and fish. Maybe a turtle or a hamster in a cage.

Aside from these critters - I am not one of those people that is okay - with ...

Oh ...

Pet skunks - PEW!

Or ... pet bats - EEEEEEEK! I find it hard to believe that people even keep bats as pets!

Or ... underground farm animals such as ground hogs - that should still be living underground behind a barn or out on the prairie on a farm!

Or ... over sized animals like llamas - even if they do look soft and cuddly and have cute faces and wear diapers.

I don't even have to explain why I would never let these creatures into my house!

Oooooo - how did you get in here? You are precious and I'd be okay with you!

Not you, though - NOPE - no ferrets in my house.

Now ... I would love to have me one of these tiny little miniature horses - but then I'd have to go into the country to buy hay and feed and I'd have to build a tiny little barn in my back yard - scoop up poop - NOPE! No tiny horses for us!

I'm not sure what kind of chicken this is - but he is awfully cute. I still would not want pet chickens in our coop!

Or ducks in our pool!

Or goats!

Or enormous PIGS!

Or MICE that make friends with the cats!

Or ... RATS - Good Lord - somebody needs to get that kid OUTTA THERE!

And - of course - NO ROACHES of ANY SPECIES - EVER!

Or SNAKES - unless I get this girl's body to replace mine - to go along with this pretty yellow snake!

And - NO prehistoric looking green iguanas in my bathtub - thankyouverymuch!

Or bat-like-squirrels flying through the den!

And ... no monkeys either! Even if they do look like people we know!

No ... we will be sticking with the normal household pets like cats and dogs and fish.

But ... this is just me.

How about you?

Are you like me and sort of conservative when it comes to your idea of an acceptable pet - or ...

Are you livin' on the wild side - On The Flipside - with what you believe is an appropriate or fun pet for your family?

Please go over to my sidebar and participate in the poll on this topic.

Poll results: What Kind Of Pets Do You Like? 9 people participated. 7 (70%) said cats & dogs & fish. 0% said exotic animals. 1 (1%) said farm animals. 0% said reptitles. 1 (1%) said small animals in cages.


Rosemary Bogdan said...

I am with you. We have only had dogs and cats, no fish even. And I absolutely do not want any rodents for pets. They just kind of give me the creeps. NO SNAKES! Needless to say other wild type creatures are out too. Yuk. Skunks? I DON'T think so!!!
Oh I did have a canary once. I wouldn't mind having another bird. I don't get the weird pet thing.

Adrian said...

Right now we just have the three cats and we recently lost our hamster, but in past years we've had some exotic pets. Hermit crabs, a cockatiel, a couple of chickens, an iguana (that was before he married me), and surprisingly a pair of snakes. I thought I was OK with snakes because I am totally not the girly-girl type and am proud of it, but after owning them for a while, I decided that I definitely do NOT like snakes. You just never know what the darn things are thinking - ever. Then one of them bit my son and that was the end of them.

Actually dogs have been our nemesis. We've had some real nightmare dogs - unruly, monumentally destructive, and totally psycho. Our sweet St. Bernard was the only dog we ever had any luck with. We may never have one again, if I have anything to say about it!

tammy said...

I still have chills from that spider - ugh! We have two dogs and two fish (well, as soon as I replace the two that died, we will), but I would love to have a pig out back, and a cow, a couple of chickens and some bunnies. I should've married a farmer instead of an airline pilot, huh?

Pregnantly Plump said...

At one point we had two cats, a dog and a turtle. We are now down to two cats (we made sure the other two went to nice homes!) But, ever since seeing Heidi when I was a little girl, I have wanted a goat. I still want one, but don't think we'll ever get one.

Andrea said...

Ugh. That picture with the RATS and that baby was disturbing!!

My hubby had a pet rat when he was growing up. DISGUSTING!!!!!!

Not in my house for sure. We don't even have any pets right now -- but if/when we do, it will be a dog, and it will be OUTSIDE!!

(or an indoor fish...I'd be okay with that)

Brittany said...

AH! The Michael Jackson picture! Who would want THAT as a pet? eek! ;)

Seriously- we have a dog and a cat, and really that is enough for me. We tried hermit crabs, before the kids came along... and well... I killed them. Not on purpose, it was just impossible to keep them alive! So we had kids instead... ha ha ha.

Brenda said...

We've had a ferret, he wanted to eat the bird, had the snake, but he was a goner as soon as I found out we had a snake, had a squirrel, a raccoon, a deer, bunnies, ducks, chicken, dogs, kitties, fish,,,sounds like a zoo, don't it? At times it was.

I'm petless now since my cockatiel, Ya-Ya died a few months ago. No more pets for me, hurts too much to lose them.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I held out for just dogs and cats and the occasional turtle, but with two reptile-loving boys I ended up with a snake.

I draw the line at buying the mouse for it to eat. It makes we want to cry.

justabeachkat said...

I'm sticking strictly to dogs now. We've had cats in the past and loved them, but no more litter boxes for me.

Those other "pets" you way!


Jason said...

I guess if it's legal and humane, and everyone is happy and nobody gets hurt---it's okay. Just not for me.

Jacey said...

I'm with you. Normal pets thank you very much.
Well, mostly.
I'm a cat person. I'm not really a dog person. I've never had a dog - my Father is terrified of them, so we never had one growing up.... the people I nanny for have a dog, a cute little Schnauzzer (sp?) that I adore, that I'll walk, and feed, and talk to, and pat...b ut I'm still not really a dog person.

The onyl exceptions I'd make to the 'normal pet's' rule, would be tadoples, itty ibtty frogs, and...... no, that's it.

We had pet mice as kids. *shudders* I wouldn't ever have a pet bird. I'm terrified of birds. I'd *probably*, if I married someone who wanted a dog, make an exception. As long as it was a variety of dog that I liked.

One Scrappy Chicklet said...

The rabbit I could deal with and maybe even the iguana but the bat, rats, mice ,snakes and other rodent type things are definately a no go for this mom.

Thanks but I think I will just stick to Gaby.

Have a great week,

Courtney said...

Totally with you. I cannot believe some of those "pets"! Seriously?

Ellyn said...

We have a dog, a cat, and sometimes a fish. I say sometimes because I have fish issues. They have a way of not living very long for me. I had a snake but Jason made me get rid of it when we got married. He is no fun.
I draw the line at skunks and giant pigs. I think it would be neat to have a mini horse though. They would be kind of hard on the furniture. So probably not those either. I guess I am pretty conservative with my pets too.

dani said...

i voted, "dog, cat, fish..."; but we're just really a dog/cat kind of family... as fish kind of gross me out, HA!!!

Me said...

I guess I am kind of conservative - we only have fish. Although I did have a pet crayfish for 3 years who I was extremely attached to. He died earlier this year and I buried him. Haha. That's as exotic as I get though.


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Holy cow!! That just grossed me out. I can't even handle a dog. Fish, maybe. Yes, I could do a fish... 'A' meaning ONE fish! lol

Betsy said...

I am pretty normal pet person. I like dogs or cats or fish or birds... thats about it. Maybe a hamster. If I didn't have to clean the cage.

Tabitha said...

We have fish at the moment ~ although we have had hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs too in the past!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I'm not a pet type of person anyway but yeah totally couldn't do any of those other ones either! That pig is HUGE!!!

The Boyds Family said...

Well Kellan, you've managed to do it made me laugh in this post; except this time you almost made me sick too - seriously??? A Roach for a pet??? BLECH!!!!

I am allergic to almost everything, so we are limited to the pets we have; however, I am an animal LOVER and would probably have one of everything (well, almost) if I didn't have so many allergy problems.

Throughout my life, I have had all of the following as a pet at one time or another:

Several Cats and Dogs
A baby chick (that turned out to be a rooster)
I found a bat on our tree once - but we didn't keep him as a pet.
Rabbits (not for long though - VERY allergic to them)

There, I think that covers everything. Currently, we have two dogs and a bird. And there are days when even THAT is too much. (guess I'm getting old)

The Boyds Family said...

Hmmm....I forgot about all the frogs and lizards that I used to catch and keep as pets.

I also rescued four baby squirrels that fell out of our trees once during a storm. All of them died but one before I managed to find him a home.

Helen E.M. Wright said...

I am NOT an animal person at all!! Truthfully I can't stand them. I think that there are many like me out there but are afraid to admit it. People suddenly think that you are mean, have no heart, are a horrible person. It just happens!! Some people don't like reading... are they any worse!!

Anyway, just because I do not like animals does not mean that everyone else in my house has to deal with it.

Therefore we have 2 Anoles. Best pets EVER!! They were caught so they were free, they eat crickets $1/week and you just spray water on them. They stay in the aquarium type thing (with a top bolted on it!)and only come out with my husband and son for a bit and then go back in!


forgetfulone said...

I wish I'd seen this sooner. I'm behind on my blogging since school started Monday.

I don't mind dogs and cats, a rabbit outside would be allright, hamsters are okay, even a turtle.

I will NEVER allow a snake in my house. Ever.

Ferrets have a strange smell, and birds annoy me.

This was an interesting topic!

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8thScorpion said...

All animals deserve a chance to show their true colors and personalities im sure if anyone put themselves in a poor rat or terantullas position they would feel loneliness and hopelessly misunderstood. how can anyone reject something that only wishes for a chance at love.cats and dogs are not the only animals pets with emotions and personalities. My pet rat lilia is very sweet and affectionate BTW. I think people should be more open to the diferent species God created in this world what are people afraid of a little spider? "pft" they are actually very sweet.